Hi, I'm Rikaiyah Winters!

I'm a Front End Web Developer who creates beautiful, memorable websites in Mississippi.


Boba Generator

Boba Generator

Basic item generator that gives random boba drink and topping flavors. Perfect if you like boba, are indecisive, and are bold enough to try something new and random!

Skills: React, JSX, Components

Tools: Netlify, Props, State

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Sticky Note Project

Sticky Notes App

Greenfield React project that allows the user to create, edit, delete, and search for notes.

Skills: React, JSX, Components

Tools: CodeSandbox, Props, State

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Name Tag Generator Site

Name Tag App

React project that allows the user to create as many name tags as they want.

Skills: React, JSX, Components

Tools: CodeSandbox, Props, State

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GitHub Repo Gallery

GitHub Repo Gallery

JavaScript project that uses information from GitHub’s API to show details about my public repositories.

Skills: JavaScript

Tools: REST API, GitHub Pages

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Guess the Word Game

Guess the Word Game

Computer game made with JavaScript where players can guess a word one letter at a time. The user wins if they figure out the word before their allotted number of guesses runs out.

Skills: JavaScript

Tools: GitHub Pages, JSON

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Developer Skills




Responsive web development

Version Control

Git and GitHub


Media Queries

Responsive Typography


Manipulatie the DOM


Managing Data Flow

Quality Assurance Skills

Black-Box Testing

Gray-Box Testing

End to End/System Testing

Regression Testing

Mobile Testing

Accessibility Testing


Tech Stack

Chrome DevTools

GitHub Pages


Visual Studio Code




Axe DevTools


Hi! I’m Rikaiyah Winters.

I'm a Front End Web Developer with a passion for creating clean, responsive websites.

I enjoy front end development because I am a visual person, and I love being able to see the web projects that I’ve built come to life. A bit more about me: I have a Chemical Engineering degree, but I started my professional career as a Quality Assurance Analyst. In my free time I like to exercise, listen to music, and travel. I am also currently learning three foreign languages: French, Greek, and Japanese!

Can't wait to work with you!